What Can I Burn?

Your EnergyLogic Waste Oil Furnace or Boiler is well-known for burning a wide range of fuel, a feature that is key to efficient use of your resources and makes EnergyLogic stand out from the crowd. To maintain the functionality and efficiency of your EnergyLogic Waste Oil appliance, it is critical that fuel be sourced and managed appropriately.

As noted in your EnergyLogic Installation and Operation manual, “The addition of inappropriate substances to the fuel is not approved and can lead to poor equipment performance, premature product failure, and/or explosive/hazardous conditions. Burning of fuels that contain unapproved substances will void the product warranty and the UL listing.”

Use of unapproved fuels can be down right dangerous!

Fuel Storage

We strongly recommend the use of a purpose-designed EnergyLogic Waste Oil Tank. This will help minimize contamination of your fuel by water or debris. EnergyLogic accomplishes this by having a space at the bottom of the tank to allow for water and sludge to separate from the burnable fuel. Annual maintenance of the tank is required to keep it in operating condition and minimize the potential of introducing water into the system and or corrosion/premature failure of the tank itself.

See this entry for tank annual maintenance tips.

What can I burn?

Fuel mixtures must have a minimum flash point of 140°F (60°C) and the maximum flash point of approximately 400°F (204°C). Your EnergyLogic Heater or Boiler maintains its UL listing only if approved fuels are used. All flash point information can be found on the MSDS of the product in question.

Your Metering Pump is a patented design which pumps a specific volume of fuel regardless of the viscosity, a feature found only on EnergyLogic products(!) and your EnergyLogic appliance will operate efficiently on Synthetic and Non-synthetic waste oils.

The UL listed Approved fuels are:

  • Used Crankcase oil
  • Used Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • ASTM D396 No. 2 Fuel Oil (#2 diesel)

Other common fuels known to burn well in the EnergyLogic units.

  • Hydraulic fluid up to 90wt
  • Gear oil up to 90wt
  • Heating oil

It is important to note USED crankcase oil is specified. Unused crankcase oil will NOT burn in your EnergyLogic Waste Oil Furnace or Boiler.

What can’t I burn?

Never mix inappropriate or hazardous material with the used oil. Examples of substances that should never be added include but are not limited to:

  • NEW motor oil
  • Gasoline
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Anti-freeze
  • Carburetor Cleaner
  • Paint Thinner
  • Any Chlorinated Material
  • Parts Washer Solvents
  • Oil Additives
  • Animal Fats

Can I burn bio-diesel-veggie oil- french fries and old oil from the local fish fry?

  • Burning fryer oil is a very open ended question. It does work, however this process is not yet UL approved in any waste oil furnace/boiler.  If this is something your interested in please call us and we can discuss the challenges that are involved.


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