Used oil pickup/collection costing big money now

Last month – the biggest oil collection service raised their prices … again. Safety-Kleen Environmental (A.K.A Clean Harbors) announced a big jump in the cost to pick up used oil from your business – (here is a reference link to the press release).

Talking with some of our customers – we’re hearing rates as high as $2 per gallon! – To pick up your used oil… that is basically what it costs to purchase clean fuel oil in todays market…

So – why pay to have that oil hauled away AND pay to heat your shop from some other source?? – Sounds crazy to me when you can buy an EnergyLogic Heater or Boiler and heat your shop/building with that used oil. Environmentally clean – no transporting used/dirty oil – and you’re cutting out a lot of the middle men along the way.


SafetyKleenTruck Take a look at that truck – that’s a Safety-Kleen truck – if that truck is visiting your shop – you’re losing money… and do you think it’s a coincidence that their logo on the truck looks like a “dollar sign”???? – they’re hauling away YOUR MONEY!!!

If you are hauling away 100 or more gallons of oil a month – you could easily pay for a lease payment on a waste oil heating system – and when the unit is paid off, it’s money in your pocket!

Give us a call – we can help you keep YOUR money in your pocket! – 800-347-9575

Take a look at the EL-140H heater with a tank puts out 140,000 BTUs of heat – more than enough for a shop up to about 3,500 square feet. Or the EL-200H heater for shops up to 5,000 square feet – and if you need even more heat – the EL-350H heater will handle up to 9,000 square feet. And of course, you can always combine more than one heater to accommodate any sized shop!

And … while we’re tossing around shameless plugs for our heaters – how about taking a look at the boilers? – These boilers are industrial grade and range from 200,000 btus up to 500,000 btus (ok, 495,000 btus actually but who’s counting?) – anyway – take a look at the EnergyLogic Boilers here


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