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EnergyLogic Maintenance Kit for the EL-340H and the EL-350H

We strongly recommend a more complete kit that includes all the rubber and gasket materials in the heater – Our recommended kit costs only about $65 more and could save you downtime or leaks in your system – your time is worth more than this $65 and the potential waiting time for replacement parts. If you’d like to take a look at our recommended kit – you’ll find it here: click here for our kit

But – we supply this kit to be competitive on price to everyone who wants just this kit –

Total cost for these parts individually is $122 – we sell them as a kit for $95 a savings of 20%!

Service Kit includes:

Waste Oil Filter (P/N: 20270185)
Preheater gaskets (P/N: 20940122)
Nozzle – #28 (P/N: 20210124)
Air compressor filter (P/N: 5000037)
Burner Gasket (P/N: 20910103)
Drip cup gasket (P/N: 20933118)
Solenoid O-Ring (P/N: 20293199)


Compatible with:

EnergyLogic 340H
EnergyLogic 350H


Manufacturer Information
EnergyLogic is a leading manufacturer of used oil furnaces and boilers. With the highest number of standard features and most comprehensive warranty on the market, EnergyLogic used oil furnaces and boilers can eliminate the cradle-to-grave liability, reduce heating costs and generally have a payback period of a single heating season and the lowest cost of ownership. All EnergyLogic waste oil heating systems are UL-listed and meet or exceed all EPA regulations. Tens of thousands of our energy-saving solutions are currently in use from small garages to the largest corporations in the world.