EnergyLogic Heat Exchanger EL200H- Burn Chamber – P/N: 05000066


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EnergyLogic Part Number: 05000066 Old Part Number: RS4200

please call us for shipping costs- We do stock everything on our site including these Exchangers

Replacement Heat Exchanger (some call it a burn chamber) – custom made for NuEra of Stainless Steel. These chambers are replacement and as good or better than the original chambers.

We offer excellent trade in programs for your old heater along with great financing/leasing arrangements – so it may be better to apply the cost of replacing the heat exchanger to a new heater. Give us a call – 1-800-347-9575 and we can walk you through the options.

If your burn chamber is cracked or rusted/corroded through it can be a very dangerous as it can allow combustion gases to escape and enter your shop area. We’ve seen some folks repair a cracked heat exchanger by tig welding the crack or putting on a patch. These repairs are usually successful for a short period of time and then a crack usually forms near the welded area. The heat exchanger goes through many heat/cool cycles and having welds and patch material causes hot spots from the internal flame – these hot spots will eventually crack. Compatible with: Heaters  EnergyLogic 200H Boilers None