EnergyLogic Air Compressor Silencer Kit – P/N: 05000111



EnergyLogic Part Number: 05000111

Keep the air compressor on your waste oil heating system running quietly.

The Air Compressor Silencer Kit provides 6 dB in noise reduction, which is a clearly noticeable reduction in noise level. For every 3 dB, another 50% of the remaining sound pressure is eliminated. We are able to do this by reducing much of the higher frequency noise from the compressor. Simple to install and replaces the standard inlet and outlet components of the air compressor. Necessary components are shipped in complete kits with replacement parts offering.

Another benefit of this kit is that it includes an air pressure gauge and an adjustable flow/muffler. This allows you to fine tune the air pressure for your burner to optimize it for proper burn. The gauge also is a quick monitor for the health of your air compressor.

Compatible with:

EnergyLogic 140H
EnergyLogic 200H
EnergyLogic 340H
EnergyLogic 350H
BlackGold Sun2

EnergyLogic 200B
EnergyLogic 375B
EnergyLogic 500B
BlackGold 495B

NuEra Heat is the largest stocking distributor of EnergyLogic and BlackGold equipment and parts in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. We’re experts in waste oil or used oil heating equipment with 30+ years of experience. We generally have many EnergyLogic heaters, furnaces, and boilers in stock and ready for same day shipping. Parts are shipped the “same day” they are ordered if the order is placed before 3pm Pacific Time. Serving the Alaska market for over 30 years we also serve Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and almost anywhere UPS, USPS or FedEx will deliver. We provide service in the Portland, Or metro area – the Seattle, WA metro area, Anchorage, Fairbanks and most places in Alaska or the Pacific Northwest. We are happy to help with any questions about the products and we stand behind what we sell with service, support and friendly advice. Give us a call – we’re here to help: 1-800-347-9575.

Manufacturer Information
EnergyLogic is a leading manufacturer of used oil furnaces and boilers. With the highest number of standard features and most comprehensive warranty on the market, EnergyLogic used oil furnaces and boilers can eliminate the cradle-to-grave liability, reduce heating costs and generally have a payback period of a single heating season and the lowest cost of ownership. All EnergyLogic waste oil heating systems are UL-listed and meet or exceed all EPA regulations. Tens of thousands of our energy-saving solutions are currently in use from small garages to the largest corporations in the world.

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