EnergyLogic 100 watt Hot Filter Silicone Band Heater – P/N: 20503109



EnergyLogic Part Number: 20503109
Old Part Number: ACC-HF140

The hot filter band is used when the fuel from the tank will be below 50 degrees F before passing through the filter. This heater is wrapped around the filter and plugged into the wall. It’s 8.5″ x 5.5″

Used in cold oil applications the band is a 100 watt heater.

Compatible with:

EnergyLogic 140H
EnergyLogic 200H
EnergyLogic 340H
EnergyLogic 350H
BlackGold Sun2

EnergyLogic 200B
EnergyLogic 375B
EnergyLogic 500B
BlackGold 495B