EL 75H




Includes 7 day programmable thermostat and complete flue assembly

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The all-new, entry level, EnergyLogic EL75H waste oil heater designed to provide BIG heat for small space.

Heats up to 1750 sq. feet of workshop or service garage warm on just half-gallon of fuel per hour of run time.

Built to last like all EnergyLogic heaters with calibrated metering fuel pump, custom pre-heater, on-board air compressor – handles waste fuels from #2 diesel all the way to 90 weight gear oil (YES, including synthetics!)

Comes assembled and ready to install!


  • Heats up to 1,750 sq ft
    Approx 2 service bays
  • BTU Input: 75,000 BTU
  • Fuel Flow Rate –
    0.54 gallons/hour
  • Heat Rise over Input Air
    100-250 F
  • Airflow: 500 cfm
  • Exhaust flue – 6″
  • Dimensions
    75″H x 21″W x 26″L
  • Weight210 lbs

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