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EnergyLogic Waste Oil Heaters

We sell the best waste oil heater in the business. Backed by a great warranty and service from our 25+ years in the industry. These waste oil heaters are known for outperforming, outlasting and out saving all others – month after month, year after year.

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EnergyLogic Waste Oil Boilers

As with the heaters – we sell the best waste oil boilers in the business. A truly industrial grade boiler built tough from the ground up, specifically for waste oil. That means every component has been designed to maximize the boiler’s performance and capabilities. It performs just like any existing boiler that runs on other fuels such as heating oil or natural gas.


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EnergyLogic vs Competition

We’re confident that EnergyLogic products are the best – we’ve created some feature list comparisons to the competition. Don’t take our word for it – check out the information!


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HVLS Fans by MacroAir

True “high volume, low speed” (HVLS) fans from MacroAir will reduce your industrial facility’s heating and cooling expenses throughout the year. These highly efficient fans can reduce 25% or more of your HVAC expenses by pulling air from the floor to the ceiling and distributing it all evenly throughout your facility. And in the summer months, HVLS Fans can even make your space feel 8-10°F cooler than actual temperature!

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