Prime Your Waste Oil Burner

Appropriate fuel delivery is key to trouble-free operation of your Energy Logic waste-oil furnace or boiler. Fuel quality has been discussed here, but fuel delivery is a subject in and of itself.

Occasionally the need arises to prime your waste oil burner, due to long inoperative periods, annual maintenance, filter replacements, or perhaps a failed check valve.

Here is a step-by-step guide to priming your burner quickly and easily.

Furnace Priming Instructions

1) Ensure your Used Oil Storage tank has adequate oil. Oil Level must be above low-fuel-level cutoff switch as well as the fuel pickup point. Pre Fill (if priming fresh or installing new filter) fuel filter with non-synthetic ATF or used oil. DO NOT USE NEW MOTOR OIL, IT WILL NOT BURN.

2) Unplug Thermostat wire connector from control module.

3) Ensure all hand valves, Fire-stop valve and ball valve are open.

4) Switch on the main power circuit to furnace, and ensure that the burner and preheater are plugged in.

5) It’s good practice to have oil-absorbing rags present to catch any spills or drips.

6) Use two 7/16” wrenches to disconnect small fuel tube from inlet of solenoid valve.

7) Loosen Small tube fitting at preheater outlet to swivel tube away from burner, and re-tighten against preheater to seal during priming.

8) Place a container under the open end of fuel line.

9) Jump 1 set of alligator clips across the red (T-T) terminals on the primary control to simulate the call for heat.

10) Once burner motor starts, immediately jumper across the yellow (F-F) terminals on the primary control to simulate the cad cell sensing flame.

11) It will take approximately 10-20 minutes. depending on the system and amount of fuel line used, for fuel to reach the top of the preheater.

12) Continue to prime until fuel flow is a steady stream with no air bubbles present.

13) Once the stream is steady and flowing smoothly, remove the alligator clips from the primary control.

14) Reconnect fuel tubing to solenoid valve and preheater outlet.

15) Plug thermostat cable back into burner, and verify that preheater ball-valve is open.

Your system is primed, and assuming good condition of burner, ready to operate.

Laminated copies of this priming guide are available upon request.


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