Paying for used oil pickup?

Seriously? – you may have to pay for your used oil to be hauled away.

An August 31, 2015 press release from the largest used oil collector (Safety-Kleen subsidiary of Clean Harbors) announced their intent to begin charging for pickup of used oil. Here is a link if you’d like to read about it (click here).

If you just want the juicy part – here is an excerpt from Jerry Correll, Safety-Kleen President “The recent decline of crude oil pricing, along with the associated decreases in fuel and base oil pricing, have materially affected the values of our recycled fuel oil and re-refined products. Given the impact of these falling prices, we are now charging disposal rates in order to mitigate the market-derived pressure on our margins…”

Safety-Kleen needs to make profit on hauling away your oil. In order to do that, they need to charge you to haul it way.

Why not use that oil to heat your facilities?
If you’re using some other fuel source for heating your shop or buildings – you’re in effect paying double for that heat because you’re literally paying to haul away the used oil – then – paying to bring in some other fuel to heat the building… does that sound like a good financial decision?

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