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EnergyLogic Waste Oil Appliances are known throughout the industry for their efficiency and reliability. Your EnergyLogic furnace or boiler is specifically designed to extract as much heat energy as possible from waste oil, and your oil filter choice is an important piece of that efficiency.

It is important to note that unused motor oil will not burn in your EnergyLogic appliance, consult your owners manual for information regarding burnable fuels or click here for an overview.

Why Stainless?

As motor oil is used, it picks up microscopic carbon deposits while the extreme heat and pressure inside the motor change the chemical structure of the oil molecules. These carbon deposits combined with the chemically altered motor oil create a burnable fuel with a rating of over 100,000 btu/gallon.

Utilizing a 100 micron stainless steel mesh screen, EnergyLogic and NuEra Filters are specifically designed for this operation, filtering out contaminants and debris while still allowing the important carbonized fuel into the nozzle.

Standard automotive paper-type filters are generally designed to filter much smaller particles, somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 microns. On the surface this may seem desirable, but in actuality this design can cause quite a headache in your EnergyLogic waste oil appliance.

Cutaway view of the stainless steel filtration mesh used in NuEra and EnergyLogic oil filters.

  • The paper filters will breakdown, releasing tiny bits of paper into the fuel supply, clogging the tiny orifices inside your solenoid and nozzle assemblies.
  • The smaller filter size will clog faster, mandating shorter maintenance intervals, while simultaneously removing a significant portion of burnable fuel and contributing to the dreaded down-time of your machine.
  • Many paper-type filters also utilize cardboard end caps. These cardboard caps will also breakdown, further

While the initial cost of paper type filters is slightly lower than our recommended stainless steel design, the initial cost savings will be negated very quickly. Paper type filters will need to be replaced 2-3 times as often, the efficiency of your waste oil appliance will be dramatically reduced, and the potential for costly downtime and repairs is exacerbated.



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