In-House Burner Rebuild-How to Ship Us Your Burner

Here at NuEra we’re constantly seeking ways to keep you warm and save you money using our EnergyLogic Waste-Oil-Burning appliances. The newest service offered by NuEra is a complete, in-house burner rebuild. Our standard burner rebuild service always includes a complete service kit, specifically for your machine. More information can be found here. This service is especially effective as your unit ages. It’s common practice to buy a new burner unit and return the old one to be rebuilt, effectively giving you a backup burner in case you reach your service limit at an inopportune time. With a spare rebuilt burner sitting on the shelf, there is little worry of down-time during the cold months as you will always have a back up.

Critical to the efficacy of this service, your burner must be handled and shipped with care. Use of improper packing materials or shipping techniques can result in severe damage to your burner. In our effort to minimize this risk, NuEra is happy to offer purpose built boxes and packaging to help ensure safe delivery and return of your burner.

The first step, as always, is to give us a call at 1-800-347-9575 so we can help determine your needs, provide an estimate, and ship you a burner box. When you call, we will be happy to talk you through removal and draining of your burner and preheater.

Upon arrival, you will find the packing material inside your purpose built burner box, a heavy duty plastic bag, a burner request submission form, and of course pictures detailing the packing procedure, which is also outlined here.

 This is the Top view of your burner packaging, with the “L” shaped piece removed for clarity.

Here is the Burner Box, with Burner and preheater. These items will be wrapped in plastic, which is not shown for clarity.

The “L” shaped piece will be inserted on top of burner, as shown below. This piece is important to “lock” the burner and preheater in place during transit in an effort to keep the whole unit isolated from shock or impact, no matter which way the box is standing.

The small leg of the “L” piece will slide in between the burner flange and the chassis and seat securely against the bottom of the packaging. Here it is being inserted.

And here is the complete, packaged assembly. Note that the top of the “L” shaped piece will sit flush with the top, inside of the box flap, holding both the burner and preheater in their desired positions.

That’s it! Be sure to drain as much oil as possible from the nozzle block and preheater assemblies before shipping, and fill out your burner submission form to expedite the whole process.


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