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  • EnergyLogic Accutemp Preheater

    (1) Accutemp Preheater

    Used oil must be preheated prior to combustion. Our patented preheater rapidly heats the blended viscosities of crankcase oil, synthetic oil and other acceptable fuels to a precise temperature so your waste oil burner ignites successfully. Incorporating our high output low amp draw PTC technology combined in a large volume aluminum housing means we can heat the coldest oil and have a reserve preheated and ready to go. Annual cleaning is as fast and simple as it gets. 


  • Every system includes an integrated air compressor

    (2) Integrated Air Compressor

    All of our waste oil heaters come with a built-in air compressor. That means you don’t have to worry about installing additional airlines, having the capacity to run your tools and used oil heater at the same time, have the compressor available 24/7 to run your heater and, finally, no worries about having wet shop air enter your waste oil burner and creating light-off issues. Our small but powerful air compressor is built to last and is field serviceable.


  • Patented Flame Retention Head

    (3) Flame Retention Head

    By holding the flame stable, our patented flame retention head creates a hotter flame for complete fuel combustion. What does that mean? Less ash, longer maintenance intervals and higher heat output from your waste oil heater. If you already have a waste oil heater, look at the ash. If it is fine and white like baby powder you have good combustion. If it's grey, brown or oily,  you have poor combustion and it is working a lot harder than it should to heat your building. 


  • Swing away burner makes it easy to access the heat exchanger for cleaning.

    (4) Swing Away Burner

    Pull the quick disconnect plug for the preheater, undo a few nuts and  our waste oil burner door simply swings open to give you easy  access to the entire stainless steel heat exchanger for quick maintenance and easy cleaning. It's an easy-access, easy to clean waste oil heater.


  • Every heat exchanger is made of stainless steel

    (5) Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

    Made of special stainless steel alloys, our heat exchanger is lighter, more durable and more corrosion resistant than the competition, and it has a longer life. It also heats up faster, allowing for continuous use at nearly twice the temperature of most models. Last but not least, its streamline design makes cleaning easy and fast. We are the only company that uses stainless steel in all of their heat exchangers and after 25 years, we have proven they will outlast other alloys.


  • Squirrel Cage Blower

    (6) Squirrel Cage Blower

    Our squirrel cage blower is much quieter than traditional axial fans. It also outlasts cheaper axial fans and can effectively re-circulate the air in your shop from wall to wall. It's easy to clean and maintain like all of our waste oil heater components.


  • Easy Access Cleaning Cap

    (7) Easy Access Cleaning Cap

    The cleaning cap is released by removing two screws. Any ash in the stainless steel heat exchanger can be pushed to this point where it is typically gathered in a plastic garbage bag and can be disposed of with normal trash. These waste oil heating systems require no vacuuming, no climbing halfway in the heating chamber and you can count your cleaning time–typically once a year–in minutes, not hours.


  • EnergyLogic Adjustable Louvers

    (8) Adjustable Louvers

    All of our waste oil heaters come with standard louvers that direct the air up or down. They can be moved to the opposite side of the cabinet or a second set can be added so hot air comes out both sides of the used oil heater. Our adjustable louvers can be added to the existing set of louvers to allow air to be directed side to side, in addition to up and down. 


  • EnergyLogic patented metering pump

    (9) Steadyflo Metering Fuel Pump

    Our Steadyflo metering fuel pump delivers the precise volume of fuel to the waste oil burner regardless of viscosity. There are no adjustments ever required as the patented gear set always measures and delivers the correct amount of fuel to the used oil burner. That's why we can reliably burn from 5 to 90 weight oil and pump your used oil fuel anywhere in your facility.


  • Low-Fuel Cut Off

    (10) Low-Fuel Cutoff

    Avoid frustration and downtime when this safeguard alerts your waste oil heater to turn off when oil is low.


  • EnergyLogic fuel gauge

    (11) Fuel Gauge

    Designed for convenience and easy visibility, our used oil storage tank gauge lets you see exactly how much used oil is left in your tank. By allowing you to prepare ahead of time, it helps you avoid the hassle and time of re-priming an empty tank.


  • Drain valve on EnergyLogic used oil storage tank

    (12) Drain Valve

    The drain valve makes it simple to empty the used oil storage tank of liquids such as water and antifreeze that naturally separate beneath the used oil. 


  • EnergyLogic specialized spin-on waste oil filter

    (13) Spin-on Waste Oil Filter

    Our spin-on filters keep your system running stronger, longer. Made of stainless steel mesh to meet the demands of used oil filtration, they last far longer than any others and — unlike reusable filters that are messy and difficult to clean — are simple and easy to maintain.


  • Fuel pick up is at least 6" above the bottom of the tank

    (14) Elevated Fuel Pick Up

    Our fuel pick up is at least 6" above the bottom of the tank, so our waste oil heating systems are sure to send only used oil to the heater, not water or antifreeze, which naturally settles to the botto


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