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EnergyLogic Waste Oil Boilers

As with the heaters – we sell the best waste oil boilers in the business.

A truly industrial grade boiler built tough from the ground up, specifically for waste oil.

That means every component has been designed to maximize the boiler’s performance and capabilities.

It performs just like any existing boiler that runs on other fuels such as heating oil or natural gas.

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John Clemens Manager

Email: john @ nueraheat.com

John is the “main” guy at NuEra – he runs the company day to day.
He’s got the perfect background to make it all work –
30 plus years of mechanical and electrical experience.

Dan Clemens Clean up guy

Email: dan @ nueraheat.com

Dan’s a tech guy. All things mechanical or electrical interest him.
He has designed, built, and manufactured machinery for 30+ years
and still enjoys the challenge of making machines work better.

Steve Ransom The Veteran


Email: steve @ nueraheat.com

Steve has been in the waste oil heating industry for over 30 years.
He knows the business, the equipment, the people and the industry in general.
He spent 10 years as a commercial pilot flying around Alaska.

Joel Crawford Service and Parts Guy


Email: joel @ nueraheat.com

Joel comes from a mechanical engineering background
and he’s an avid motorcyclist – although he still doesn’t understand
that the objective is to stay on the motorcycle

Explore! You will love it.

Our patented preheater rapidly heats the blended viscosities of crankcase oil synthetic oil and other acceptable fuels to a precise temperature

What you get is exactly what you need.

Innovation at its finest

EnergyLogic waste oil heaters come complete, which means there are no hidden costs or additional parts to buy. Everything it takes to heat with used oil comes standard.

NuEra Services and Maintenance
We are the only Energy Logic authorized and trained dealer in the Pacific Northwest. Trust your waste oil heater/boiler maintenance to the professionals who are trusted by the people who manufacture the products.

We’ve been selling and servicing waste oil equipment for over 25 years and we know what it takes to keep the equipment running 24×7 to keep you warm in the winter.

Revolutionary Way To Heat Your Business

Most heating systems in this country are equipped with oil burners. And these oil burners usually run off electricity, heating oil, or natural gas.

The best comes standard

Wet Floor Based Heat Exchanger

Wet floor means the entire heat exchanger is surrounded by water. This ensures even heating and elimination of hot spots which fatigue the welds in a boiler leading to premature failure. Wet based designs are the most robust for long term applications.

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Waste Oil Recycling, It’s valuable!

Waste oil is energy rich, safe and can save you money.

Every gallon of waste oil contains 140,000 BTUs of energy. That’s the same amount of energy that the oil had before it was used. Don’t let that energy go to waste.

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Choose Your Style And Size

At NuEra we’re proud to sell and service Energy Logic Products. Energy Logic products adhere to the strictest safety standards and are UL-listed for commercial applications in the US and Canada.

EL-140H 140,000 BTU

EL-200H 200,000 BTU

EL-350H 350,000 BTU

250 Gallon Used Oil Storage Tank

130 Gallon Used Oil Storage Tank

Used oil pickup/collection

costing big money now


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Explore the heat You’ll love it.

Trust your waste oil heater/boiler maintenance to the professionals who are trusted by the people who manufacture the products.

Accessories for your Waste Oil Heater

Make your EnergyLogic waste oil heater even more effective with a few well-designed accessories.



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Offshore drilling is a mechanical process where a wellbore is drilled below the seabed

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Commercial Use

No matter what kind of commercial oil you use we will be able to blend and supply the heat.

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Oil Riggs

An oil platform, offshore platform, or (colloquially) oil rig is a large structure with facilities for well drilling

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We are the only Energy Logic Authorized and Trained dealer in the western states

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