EnergyLogic Metering Pump Adjustment

We have fielded a lot of phone calls and questions about how to “adjust” the EnergyLogic Metering Fuel Pump.

The metering pump for EnergyLogic equipment has an adjustment screw on the left side of the face of the pump.

In the picture below you can see the red circle labeled “Pressure Relief Adjustment” – this is the only “adjustable” part of the pump.

The picture below also has a red ellipse labeled “Plugs Not Adjustable”. These are literally just plugs to seal the pump and there is nothing adjustable inside the pump.

EnergyLogic Metering Pump Adjustment

EnergyLogic Metering Pump Adjustment

There is typically no need to adjust the pump – EnergyLogic Waste Oil Furnaces are designed to require ZERO adjustments to run properly. They do need to be cleaned from time to time but there is no need to fiddle with adjustments.

In the EnergyLogic application – the maximum fuel pressure is in the 10 to 15 PSI range – AND – EnergyLogic utilizes a pressure relief bypass valve that limits the pressure to approximately 60 PSI.

So – adjusting the screw on the pump will not increase the pressure output of the pump – it is strongly recommended to NOT adjust the pump pressure relief screw.

If for some reason you feel the adjustment is not correct – EnergyLogic recommends the following procedure to adjust the screw – using the proper hex wrench –

Turn the pump pressure regulator screw all the way OUT (counter clockwise) until it stops.

Now, turn the screw back clockwise One and a Half turns.

That’s it – you can download a tech service bulletin about this by clicking here 

If you are having troubles getting your pump to perform correctly – please feel free to give us a call and we’ll help you get your heater running properly – 1-800-347-9575


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