EnergyLogic has a new website – check it out!

EnergyLogic has come out with a new website (click here to check it out!) – lot of great how to videos, more details about the best waste oil heaters and boilers in the business. Looks like we at NuEra need to up our game on the website department!

Their site also has a ton of info about Macro Air Fans – better than Big Ass Fans by a long shot – (click here to check out MacroAirFans!) and the only HVLS fan in the industry to have a 50,000 hour guarantee. 50,000 hours? That’s basically 25 years of running that fan continuously during your normal 10 hour work day – 25 years! We supply and install MacroAirFans as well as EnergyLogic waste oil heaters.

I know it’s been unseasonably warm this fall – but don’t forget to take a look at your waste oil heater BEFORE it’s an emergency! NuEra is the only (and largest) stocking distributor on the west coast and Alaska – give us a call, we’ve got the part in stock and advice/troubleshooting is free.



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