Alaska Earthquake Relief – Free Support – Free Parts – Free Shipping

Alaska Customers 

Was your EnergyLogic or BlackGold heater damaged by the recent earthquake? We’re here to help – let’s get your waste oil heat working so you can focus on the rest of your business.

We’re offering free telephone support to help you diagnose the issues and we’ll ship you parts – free of charge, free shipping too. Our way of a little helping hand to get the heat back on and get you focusing on getting back to business. It’s that simple – if your heater is damaged due to the earthquake – we’ll help you get it back online for free – no strings attached.

NuEra Heat has been serving Alaska customers for over 30 years – we stock 100% of all the parts in your EnergyLogic or BlackGold heater or boiler. We have free online tech support and we ship the parts the same day (usually!).

If your heater was damaged beyond repair – we’ve got units in stock and ready for shipment and we’ll cut the price to the absolute minimum to help you get back in business.

Just give us a call at 800-347-9575 and we’ll get your heat back on!

Thanks for your business!


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