BTU Requirements For EL Furnaces

Choosing the correct EnergyLogic Furnace or boiler is critical to effective, efficient heating of your space. The first question to ask is “what is my square footage?”. We are proud to offer three levels of forced air furnace and boiler to meet your heating needs, and simply knowing the square footage of your space is the first step in choosing the right machine.

Each EnergyLogic Furnace is designated by it’s total BTU output capabilities, which correspond to the size of your space.

The smallest unit is the EL140h. Small, but mighty, the EL140H puts out roughly 140kBTU/hr while burning 1 g/hr of used motor oil. This is a substantial amount of heat and extremely efficient all at once, heating up to 3,500 sf of open shop space.

Smack in the middle lies the ever-popular and utterly reliable EL200H. Cranking out 200kBTU/hr while burning 1.4 g/h of used motor oil. These 200k BTU will heat your space up to 5k sf with ease.

Lastly, the big daddy, the furnace to end all furnaces, the EL350H. Pushing 350KBTU/hr and upwards of 2600CFM, the EL350H will heat your space up to 9ksf

Of course, there are other variables to consider when choosing the right waste oil furnace for you. Give us a call at 1-800-347-9575 and we can talk you through all the different options and considerations.


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