Air Compressor Recognition

NuEra is proud to be the largest stocking distributor for EnergyLogic heaters and boilers, the best waste-oil heating appliances on the market. One of the best features of all Energylogic Heaters and boilers is the on-board air compressor. The design is tried and true, with relatively few changes in recent history. There was, however, a minor but important change made to the design in 2013: All EnergyLogic waste-oil burners recieved a new, updated air compressor assembly.

Functionally, this updated air compressor is identical to the old style, but mechanically there is one significant difference-The Vanes are slightly smaller.

Fortunately, identification of your compressor is easy to do, even without a micrometer. As illustrated here, just check the output side of your compressor, and if there are two ports (one is usually plugged) then you have the old style compressor found here, and if you only see one port, on top of the compressor, you have the new style.

How to identify your air compressor

Vane kits for each style compressor can be found on our website. New style here (one outlet), and old style here (two outlets)

As always, we strive to keep you warm and burning your used oil, so if there is anything we can help with, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-347-9575 where we are happy to provide free phone support and technical advice.


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