Air Compressor Maintenance

Your EnergyLogic waste oil-burning heater or boiler is equipped with an on-board air compressor to precisely control the fuel/air mixture as it exits the nozzle block assembly in the burn chamber of your appliance.

NuEra is happy to offer an Air Compressor Test Gauge Kit which will allow you to check the output of your EnergyLogic waste oil burner’s air compressor assembly at a glance. If the output of your compressor is below 8psi, disconnect power to the burner in preparation for diagnosis.

First inspect the air compressor coupling for signs of damage, following all recommended safety procedures. If the coupler is in good condition and operating as it should, remove the end plate of the air compressor assembly.

Be sure to check the vanes and end plate in your air compressor for wear and damage as a part of your annual maintenance. The vanes and end plate are made of carbon, which means they are extremely durable during normal usage, but can be quite brittle if mishandled or installed incorrectly.

The picture above shows the directional nature of the carbon vanes inside your Energylogic air compressor unit. It is critical that the vanes be re-installed in the correct orientation for proper operation of the compressor.

The vanes slide in slots inside the air compressor assembly, using the rotational inertia of the burner motor to control their extension. This sliding motion can wear grooves in the middle of each vane, creating weak spots, while simultaneously wearing the tips down with each revolution.

Grooves form along the red colored areas seen above. Grooves approaching 25% of the thickness of the vane indicate impending breakage and should be replaced.

New vanes for your air compressor assembly measure just over 5/8 of an inch.

Your annual maintenance should include taking the measurement shown here using a micrometer, and replacing the vanes if they are under 1/2 an inch in overall width.


This post applies to all EnergyLogic appliances equipped with on-board air compressors. EL140H EL200H EL340H EL350H EL200B EL375B EL500B waste oil furnace heater boiler


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