Air Compressor Coupler Tips and Tricks

Often overlooked, the Air Compressor Coupler on your EnergyLogic machine is a critical component to the operation of your waste oil burner.

The coupler itself is made of a rubber material, designed to offer some flexibility to ease the strain on your bearings and transfer power efficiently to your air compressor.

Over time, this coupler becomes hardened by the heat cycles, losing its elasticity. While the coupler may remain intact, and appear to be fully operational, this lack of elasticity has been known to damage the bearings within the air compressor and/or burner motor. NuEra recommends replacing the coupler whenever the air compressor vanes (or here) are replaced.

Another issue we’ve seen repeatedly is inherent to the order of operations when re-installing the air compressor. The coupler in question is attached via keyed shaft/set-screw to both the output shaft of the burner motor and input shaft of your air compressor. It is imperative that the coupler set-screw on the motor shaft not be tightened until AFTER the air compressor has been tightened down to the outside of the burner.

Tightening the set screw first will add lateral stress to the bearings inside your air compressor, causing premature failure of said air compressor as well as noisy operation.

We have covered several aspects of air compressor maintenance in other blogs. For information on chcecking and replacing your vanes, click here. For information on which vane kit you need, click here. And, as always, don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns at 1-800-347-9575


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