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Delivering waste oil heat solutions and service for over 30 years.

We’ve specialized in waste oil heating for over 30 years. Having worked with most all the competitors equipment over the years, we are convinced EnergyLogic makes the best, most reliable, efficient, and user friendly product.

NuEra is proud to be the sole distributor for EnergyLogic equipment in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. We stock heaters/furnaces, boilers and parts to get your equipment back to work heating your facility. We literally have the largest stock of parts for EnergyLogic heaters/furnaces in the US – outside of the manufacturer

We’re old school – we admit it.

We come from a place and time when business was conducted on a handshake and people made commitments and lived up to them.

We’d love the chance to earn your business and hopefully your friendship.

John Clemens
John ClemensManager - Email: john @ nueraheat.com
John is the “main” guy at NuEra – he runs the company day to day. He’s got the perfect background to make it all work – 30 plus years of mechanical and electrical experience. Ranging from complex/sophisticated laser imaging equipment to chemical processing machines to seed treatment equipment.

He knows the waste oil heating industry and he’s always happy to help. John gets great satisfaction from exceeding customer’s expectations.

When he’s not working John can always be found on one of his motorcycles, street bikes or dirt bikes – he loves them all.

Dan Clemens
Dan ClemensClean up guy - Email: dan @ nueraheat.com
Dan’s a tech guy. All things mechanical or electrical interest him. He has designed, built, and manufactured machinery for 30+ years and still enjoys the challenge of making machines work better.
Dan’s worked throughout Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, Europe, and Central/South America for most of his career.
He’s an avid motorcyclist and adventure traveler.
Joel Crawford
Joel CrawfordService and Parts Guy - email: joel @ nueraheat.com
Joel comes from a mechanical engineering background and he’s an avid motorcyclist – although he still doesn’t understand that the objective is to stay on the motorcycle…
Steve Ransom
Steve RansomThe Veteran - Email: steve @ nueraheat.com
Steve has been in the waste oil heating industry for over 30 years. He knows the business, the equipment, the people and the industry in general. He spent 10 years as a commercial pilot flying around Alaska and he still loves the area and the people.
NuEra has given me the immediate assistance and advice when we’ve needed it, keeping us running, already saving $50,000 in heating costs!
Lynn, Red Dog Inn, Naknek, AK
We have used our waste oil furnace for almost 10 years now. I have found it to be pretty darn handy! It has 36,108 hrs on it, and still runs great. The unit is very reliable and cost effective. We have saved over $200,000 in waste oil disposal fees. (@ average of $4 to $5/gal) Having a waste oil furnace allows us to offer our marina customers a safe place to dispose of their waste oil, as well as allow us to receive oil from others. We use the heat in a small product warehouse to keep it from freezing. Over the years Nuera has been very helpful in supporting us and our equipment. They are always there when I need them.
Chris Glasser, Petro Marine, Ketchikan, AK
My EnergyLogic furnace has been the most efficient, trouble free unit, better then I could have imagined. I have been running it steadily all winter with no malfunctions. I am currently using recycled vegetable oil in my furnace and have eliminated fuel costs from my budget!”

“Working with Steve at NuEra has been a pleasure right from the first phone call. The support I get from NuEra is more than I have gotten from most companies, and Steve has been a great help and valuable resource throughout the purchase and installation process.”

Rick Pillans, Threshold Recycling Service, Kodiak Alaska
“We purchased our EnergyLogic heater 7 years ago. At first it was primarily just to burn up our used oil from the fire trucks. But now it’s our main source of heat. This heater has been the most economic to run in these challenging financial times. As a volunteer fire house, we have little to no budget, so having a system that pays for itself with no fuel costs is a big bonus. ”

“Working with NuEra has been fantastic. We do our own maintenance and when we needed a new nozzle, we had it within 3 days. It can get 30 to 60 below here and the heater runs 24 hrs a day without problems. We are building a new fire house that will be a 60X100 ft Building, and you can bet, it will have a new EnergyLogic furnace too!”

Dan Boone, Chitina Volunteer Fire Dept, Chitina, Alaska
Thanks! I would just like to say how excellent your customer service is. Steve walked me through trouble shooting my Black Gold used oil burning furnance with which I was getting very frustrated. He gave me information I could understand. With the information he gave we found the problem and it didn’t even take any new parts! Hats off to Steve! 5 STARS – Thanks again”
Carl Schwegal, Alaska Power and Telephone

NuEra is proud to be a Veteran Owned Business
Certified by the State of Washington.

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