Alternative way to heat your business

The majority of the public, from small to large business owners, have no idea you have the ability to heat an entire building, of any size, off used motor oil.

Most heating systems in this country are equipped with oil burners. And these oil burners usually run off electricity, heating oil, or natural gas.

This would be fine if it wasn’t for the fact that the utility companies who provide us these necessary commodities can raise their rates any time they feel like it. If the board of directors feels like they would like to make more money next year all it takes is submitting a request to the state regulatory commission.

As long as they can provide a good reason, and they pay people good money to find one, it will usually be approved. The following months every customer gets a letter stating the “rate increase,” and they only option for them is to pay it.

Unless, you feel like protesting the increase by not turning on your heat when its -20 degrees.

The annual rise in heating costs is literally crippling people and businesses.

That is the beautiful thing about owning a waste oil furnace or waste oil boiler. It gets you “off the grid.” Whether you just would like to reduce your heating bill by using waste oil heating technology or totally eliminate your heating costs its all at your fingertips.

I firmly believe that Energy Logic has the best waste oil heating technology on the planet and that is why I choose to represent them in the states of Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon & Montana.

Now is the best time to buy a waste oil heating system. Energy prices are not going down. Its time to hedge yourself against their rising costs.

Your are losing money by not having a waste oil furnace or waste oil boiler if your business produces a large quantity used motor oil, or other automotive oils such as brake fluid, gear lubricants, automatic transmission fluid, industrial oils or dirty diesel fuel.

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Steve Ransom

Nuera Corp.


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